Chemists across nation run out of masks, hand sanitiser

THE deadly summer bushfires and now fears of the Coronavirus spreading, have left many chemists without masks and hand sanitisers.

A Chemist Warehouse Campsie pharmacist spokesperson says they are getting over 50 requests a day for the masks which have long sold out but orders are in for more supplies.
“I think every pharmacy would be having the same challenges,” she said.
Likewise, Cincotta Discount Chemist Revesby owner Tram Nguyen says demand for the masks is far outstripping supply.
“The wholesalers are waiting to fill their back orders first so we should see some soon, we just don’t know when,” she said.
Other major chains such as Priceline, Amcal, Star Pharmacy, Blooms The Chemist and a number of independent vendors have either run out or have very few in stock.
Meanwhile staff at Revesby and Greenacre Medical Centres report seeing a least 100 patients a day suffering from breathing-related issues like asthma and infections.
“It’s an issue everywhere, with children, the elderly and the already sick most affected,” she explained.
Now, experts are calling on the Government to release its emergency stockpile of an estimated 10 million medical masks.
Dr Harry Nespolon, President of the Royal Australian College of GPs, says the Government needs to release its emergency stockpile of masks.
“The thing we need most as GPs is some masks,” he said.