Real Estate

Checklist vital when shopping for a property

THERE are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new home.

John Owsnett, principal of Chambers Fleming Professionals Padstow, has offered the following tips:
• However closely you look, don’t skip building, pest or strata inspections.
That can turn out to be a very expensive false economy.
• Check for any signs of water penetration.
Smell out any dampness.
• Look beyond the sexy, stylish hired furniture to imagine what it’ll look like when it is gone.
And look to see what fresh paint or patch-ups might be hiding.
• Scour the neighbourhood to see if the location suits.
You might want it close to schools, particularly public schools or shops and transport.
• Make sure power lines or power poles haven’t been photoshopped out of the publicity images.
• Arrange a private viewing at a different time of day to the public one.
You might find a property changes completely without the morning/afternoon light.
• And if the lights are on when you arrive, discretely turn them off to see how much natural light there is.
• At any open house, take note of how many people are asking for contracts, so you’ll know if you have much competition.
• Ask the sales agent direct questions. Don’t be shy.
• Inspect the contract closely to make sure what you think might be yours, isn’t council land or common strata property.
For more information, contact John and the team at Chambers Fleming on 9771 4555 or