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Checklist for rental wishlist

MAKE sure you have a good look over any properties that you’re considering renting, says a spokesperson for LJ Hooker.

“There could be issues that aren’t visible in an online listing,” he said.
So you don’t waste your time looking at properties that don’t meet your needs, LJ Hooker has offered this simple checklist of practical things to consider to help you determine your rental wishlist.
• Is it in good condition?
• Is the property secure – have a look for deadlocks, window locks and other security features; the level of security can make a huge impact on insurance.
• Is there a garden and what maintenance is required? Does the landlord maintain it?
• Has the property been burgled?
• If you like gardening, it is worth asking if you are able to add your touch to the garden.
• If there is a garden shed with junk in it; ask the agent if it is being cleared out.
• Is there a garage; does it have a roller door, is it electronic or manual?
• If there is no off street parking, do you need parking permits?
• Is it in good condition? Is it clean, are there any signs of damp, mould, or infestation?
• Does anything need to be repaired?
• Is there enough storage for all your stuff – consider if there is enough pantry space, clothes hanging space, linen space and areas for you to store laundry items such as brooms and vacuum cleaners and external storage?
• Is the property insulated?
• Is there central heating or air-conditioning and do these work? If they are not working, find out when they will be fixed
• Will you be able to fit your furniture and items into the property. It is worth measuring the front door and rooms to ensure your furniture and white goods will fit?
• Inspect the quality of kitchen items – are they all in good condition?
For more info, contact your nearest LJ Hooker office.