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Charged over drug access supply ring

A MAN has been charged after a home in Merrylands was raided by police as they investigate the alleged supply of large commercial quantities of drugs concealed in shipping containers.

The 18-year-old was among five charged – six have already been charged and remain before the courts – and the home was one of eight raided last week by police, investigating a criminal syndicate allegedly using a method commonly referred to as “rip on, rip off” to access prohibited drugs concealed in legitimate shipping containers.
The man was charged with 11 offences including participate in a criminal group, take part in supply of large commercial quantity of prohibited drugs, knowingly deal with proceeds of crime, and possessing an unauthorised pistol, DECCD, housebreaking implements, and means of disguising face with intent to commit indictable offence.
To date, strike force detectives have allegedly seized 201kg of cocaine from three containers, with a street value of $105m.
Police will allege in court the 18-year-old Woodpark man received contracts alerting him to a shipment of drugs and directed the group to identify and then break into the containers concealing the prohibited substances.
It will be alleged those drugs – usually cocaine – were then supplied to a nominated recipient before the group would receive a payment.
During searches of the properties, police allegedly located a number of items relevant to their investigation.