Charged over airport rampage

AN Earlwood man is facing assault, property theft and damage charges after an alleged rampage at Sydney International Airport on Monday.

The 42-year-old allegedly kicked down the door leading into an airline office and assaulted an airline employee.
The airline employee was assisted by a member of the public, who then locked the man in an office to wait for police.
Australian Federal Police (AFP) airport operations officers attended the scene, but the man had climbed into the roof cavity above the office.
AFP members established a cordon and began a search in the roof cavity area and ventilation system.
It will be alleged the man attempted to hide from police and evade them when detected. He was subsequently detained and removed from the roof.
It will be alleged in court the Earlwood man was found to be in possession of approximately $4,000 in cash, which police believe was unlawfully obtained. Other items, including several drivers’ licences, were also seized during a search.
AFP Airport Police Commander Peter Mullins says police will not hesitate to prosecute people whose behaviour endangers others in the airport environment.
“The International Airport is an important part of Sydney’s infrastructure and with thousands of people travelling through it each day, we are serious about making sure it remains a safe environment for travellers and employees who work there,” Supt. Mullins said.
“We will not tolerate the type of behaviour we allege this man committed yesterday, and people should know that we will prosecute them to the full extent of the law if they pose a threat to people’s safety or endanger those in the airport, including my officers.”