Chance to witness sites of yesteryear

OFFERING a glimpse into more than 80 architecturally inspiring buildings and fascinating paces usually off limits to the general public, Sydney Open is on again this weekend (November 2-3).

As part of an exclusive Focus Tour on Saturday, visitors can buy a ticket to walk the corridors of the gunpowder magazine at the Newington Armory with a small group led by experienced guides Julie Bishop and Eva Blanda.
Established in 1897, the site was in use until 1999 and is listed on the NSW State Heritage register, and the tour includes a walk through the corridors of the magazine where lanterns were once placed to light the inner storage chambers.
Tickets for Sydney Open 2019 start from $39, with tickets for the Newington Armory Gunpowder Magazine Focus Tour $49. To book, call 1300 448 849 or visit