Champs urging girls stick with sport

A TRIO of champions descended on Sir Joseph Banks High School in Revesby last week, with pro-surfer Zoe Clarke, Rugby 7’s gold medallist Charlotte Caslick and gold medal paralympian Ellie Cole (pictured) encouraging young girls to stick to their guns when it comes to playing their favourite sports.

The Pantene Ribbon of Strength movement comes at a time when statistics reveal 57 per cent of Australian sportswomen will leave their dreams behind by the time they reach 24 years of age, often citing a lack of support or self doubt.
Sharing their own inspiring stories of strength, the athletes spent their time showing the girls how to find their own hidden potential in the face of adversity.
After more than 50 female students had taken part in the day’s activities, which were designed to exercise both the body and the mind, they were given the chance to have their hair braided with their own messages of strength to motivate them to stay in sport.
“We wear these messages in our hair like armour,” the sports champs said.
To show your support, register at and pick yourself up your own ribbon.
The page also features an awe inspiring, goosebump inducing video of the sports heroes, echoing their mantra: “For every voice that says you can’t, there’s a million women who say you can.”