Centre on song to help

Young musos can build skills

AFTER receiving funding to support the Local Drug Action Team’s Community Action Plan to engage more young people in music-based activities, the Auburn Sound Project will launch in February at Auburn Youth Centre (AYC) in Wyatt Park Sports Complex in Lidcombe.
Activities will include:
• Free music production drop-in sessions, music production workshops and courses, empowering and mentoring young people to write and produce their own original music.
• Mental health and wellbeing support by fostering positive engagement in creative activities and promoting healthy relationships between young people, youth workers and volunteer music-production mentors.
• Employment ready skills in music production and engineering as well as soft-skills in creativity, collaboration and communication.
• Regular performance nights for the community where young people can showcase their talent and music, further strengthening community bonds.
AYC Executive Officer Dean de Haas said: “”This project will run from Monday to Saturday at AYC. It will give young people the chance to be mentored by highly skilled music professionals and learn how to play, sing and produce their own music.
“It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or semi-professional, we have people who can help people of all skill levels. Our long term dream is to create the AYC Record Label so that young people can make a living from their music.
“I encourage all young people, their families and other members of the community to come to our information session at Auburn Youth Centre on Sunday, February 16, at 2pm.”
For further info, call 9646 2122.