‘Celebration of Learning Day’

Students from Berala Public School were joined by parents and carers during a Celebration of Learning event held in Education Week.

SHOWCASING the theme, ‘Every Student, Every Voice’, Berala Public School hosted a Celebration of Learning Day during Education Week.

Assistant principal Veronica Bober said students took part in a range of creative and practical arts activities in the lead up to, as well as on the day.
She said the event allowed parents to explore the wonder of what their child is doing at school, including an assembly with many students displaying their talents in dance, speech, choir and drama.
Stage 2 students Xinian and Ceydra said the event gave everyone an opportunity to share their knowledge.

They said students also had chance to study an artist and their style, including Australian artists Sidney Nolan, Grace Cossington Smith, Albert Namatjira, the Russian artist Kandinsky, the Japanese polka dot loving artist Yayoi Kusama and a sculpture highlighting the world-wide problem of waste and plastic.
“Classrooms were busy creating wonderful works that included paintings, drama, sculptures and models,” Ms Bober said.
“These incredible works of art were on display in our library art gallery.”
“Celebration of Learning is a lovely day that brings us all together no matter who we are.”