Celebrate nature at Winter Plant Festival

A FAMILY oriented event where nature, art and culture is celebrated, Stick N Stone’s Winter Plant Festival will feature an amazing range of indoor and outdoor, big and small, rare and classic plants at the end of July.

There will be a plant doctor and other plant experts that can help you with what to buy, how to style it and most importantly, how to care for them.
Local makers products will also be on offer – from handmade pots and copper tools, to micro herbs and timber plant stands.
Stick N Stone founder Monique Caldow has converted the former granite and marble factory at 30 Carrington Road, Marrickville, into a ‘hipster hardware nursery’ from where emerging artists exhibit for free and women benefit from her furniture classes as well as her wealth of plant knowledge.
“I’m the daughter of a botanist builder father and grew up on a farm; if something broke, we didn’t replace it, we fixed it,” she explained, adding that she had built Stick N Stone from 95 per cent recycled timber.
“We even had Gardening Australia here the other day and they could not believe how far we’ve come after just starting with ‘rescue’ plants.
“For the festival, we have other nurseries also and it will be a fantastic weekend. Come along and sit and enjoy the garden while checking out some of the beauties, have a cuppa and feed; there’ll be a Mexican food truck on site as well as music, workshops and talks.
“One of my goals is to create an art bank to get art supplies for artists who can’t afford them. I want to promote artists, makers and education and would also like one day to offer free workshops with specialist teachers.”
Catch the Winter Plant Festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and 28, 8am-5pm. Get your tickets from eventbrite now!