Celebrate 60th milestone

WHEN 20-year-old Max Gray met 17-year-old Maureen at a weekly dance in the Capital Ballroom at Bankstown in 1954, neither of them could imagine they’d be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary together in 2019.

‘Get through the bad times to get to the good times’

It was a slightly rocky start for the couple, who went out together for a short time but separated for a year before Max finally won back Maureen.

After getting engaged in 1958, they were married at St John’s Church in Campsie on April 4, 1959, before moving into a house in Panania.

Maureen says that’s where they lived for the next 55 years, describing it as “one house, one move”.

Raising three daughters Kim and twins Donna and Janelle, the couple are also proud grandparents to Kayla and Lachlan.

Moving into a retirement village in Croydon together just over four years ago, Maureen says the ‘secret’ to a happy marriage is to “get through the bad times which gets you to the good ones”.

She said while the past 60 years together haven’t always been easy, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“If you can weather all the storms, you can get to good times,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t hang in there through the bad times.

“We must have done something right to still be here together now.”