Career future bright after ‘Fast Forward’ Uni program

IT was in high school when Bankstown’s Lidya Rivai discovered Western Sydney University through the Fast Forward program.

Fast Forward is Western Sydney Uni’s partnership with local high schools, encouraging students from Year 9 onwards to recognise the value in continuing their education, assisting in subject selection with a focus on future career choices.
“I had the opportunity to visit multiple Western Sydney Uni campuses and participate in information sessions, leadership workshops and career seminars,” Lidya said.
Excited for what her future could like, she took a gap year while her citizenship was being processed to save up enough money to fund her desired university experience.
She then cemented her choice when she was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship.
“Having a financial security net to aid me in my studies while working was a huge asset and ultimately was the deciding factor in choosing Western Sydney Uni,” she said.
“As an Indonesian, though the proximity of Australia to my birth country is close, I saw very few other Indonesian people in my high schools.
“Once I attended Western Sydney Uni, however, not only did I see many other Asian students, but students from my religious background, too.”
As Lidya looks forward to graduating this week with a Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary) from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, she looks back on her studies with fond memories.
“I feel that I’ve been taught and tested in ways that have affirmed and challenged my perceptions and forced me to be agile and adaptable, characteristics that are necessary for future work,” she said.
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