Call for more to support national day

Discount Party Warehouse operators Deepak and father Ashok Gidwani have plenty of Australia Day merchandise for sale.

TWO stores at least are bucking the trend and stocking a range of Australia Day merchandise so families can get decked out and into the spirit of the annual celebration this Friday, January 26.

Fancy Fion’s Party Arts and Crafts in Merrylands and Discount Party Warehouse in Lidcombe, have a range of hats, t-shirts, flags and other merchandise items but stocks are limited so you need to get in fast.
Discount Party Warehouse’s Deepak Gidwani, who has been in Lidcombe for 14 years, said they used to offer a much larger range but demand had been shrinking every year.
He said everyone should get behind our national day, including government.
“I feel the government has become too complacent on this issue,” he said.
“It saddens me to see the Chinese New Year celebration is so much bigger than Australia Day now and I don’t believe big business here has Australia at front of mind; it’s all about driving up share prices.”
He said it was getting harder and harder to do business in Australia with so many cheaper, overseas-made products flooding the market.
“It’s understandable consumers want to pay competitive prices but it’s very unfortunate for the younger generation, with all the overseas investment flowing in, as they can’t even afford to buy a house here; it’s terrible,” he said.
“I love this country but it’s gone off track.”
Cumberland Councillor and former Mayor Steve Christou has slammed the decision by Woolworths to not sell Australia Day merchandise as treacherous and unpatriotic.
“This is another example of woke, left stream agendas infiltrating corporate boardrooms, who think it’s ok to dictate to Australian citizens what their political beliefs and ideals should be,” he said.