But chemists enjoy busiest weeks ever

NOT everyone is doing it tough, though, with two local pharmacies saying business has been going through the roof after two of their best weeks of trading.

Cincotta Discount Chemist manager Haisam Zogheib says that whenever there are health issues or fears in the community, pharmacies are an obvious destination.
“We’ve had so many products flying off the shelves including vitamins, soaps, toilet paper, tissues, sanitisers, disinfectants, feminine hygiene products and prescription and non-prescription medications,” he said.
“It’s been relentless and now we’re having delays in sourcing stock because no one was expecting this.”
At another local pharmacy, manager Allan Vo says a lot of customers have been bulk buying.
“Most of our essentials are gone and we’re getting short of medicines too,” he said.
“But we’re not alone; everyone’s out of stock.”