Business takes hit over virus

MAJOR cities are turning into ghost towns in a bid to stop the coronavirus spread, with schools shut in New York, and pubs in Ireland and cafes in Paris closed.

We asked local businesses if the normally bustling streets in Canterbury Bankstown, were likely to follow the same route.
Chambers Fleming Professionals Padstow Director Todd Owsnett said numbers were down at his open houses but “nothing too dramatic”.
“There certainly were less than the week before; for everyone, at the moment, it’s a bit of an unknown situation.”
Ray White Bankstown Director Tony Roumanous says the property market doesn’t seem to be affected.
“We sold five out of six auctions at the weekend and six out of six the weekend before,” he said.
“We’re a resilient bunch and we’ll get through this together.”
However, Chester Hill’s Chicken Heaven is very quiet, with manager Samuel Hong saying everyone is in the same boat.
“We can only go for maybe a month like this and we’re not alone,” he said.
“The only businesses doing well at the moment are Woolworths, Coles and Aldi.”
Aquarius Seafood Restaurant is also taking a hit, with Georges Hall owner Gourav Dhir saying there were many less middle-aged people out at night.
“Though we’re seeing more of a younger crowd,” he said.
“But business is certainly slower.”
Club Mt Lewis Manager Barbara Pye said the impact of the virus was very evident.
“We’re only a small club but just looking out there at the moment, it’s obvious there is an issue and more people are staying away. We’ll just have to take it day by day.
Campsie Centre Administration Manager Cassandra Wilding says their foot traffic has reduced by 20 per cent.
“All of our retailers are feeling it so we’re putting a lot of of extra effort into cleaning and hygiene education,” she said.
“Our cleaners are disinfecting all surfaces every 15 minutes and we have put up signage in the toilets outlining hand-washing techniques.”
Swinging into action, Bankstown Sports has increased sanitation of all work and public spaces and is monitoring occupancy in restaurants to allow customers to implement ‘social distancing’.
It has also removed ‘help yourself’ sauce and cutlery stations.
“Anyone whose place of employment, education or socialisation has been closed due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 are not to enter,” a spokesperson said.
“Anyone who is showing flu like symptoms will be asked to leave the premises.”