Business leaders urged to join student ‘CEO for Day’ program

ARE you a passionate and community-oriented business leader happy to impart some wisdom? Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) launched initiative, ‘CEO for a Day’ in 2022, with the aim of connecting aspiring Year 10 to 12 students to senior executives and give them a taste of life in the boardroom and beyond.

Many young people don’t realise just how many opportunities are out there waiting for them and mentors are needed for this year’s initiative.
Taking part in CEO for a Day in November, Little Wings CEO Clare Pearson said she got as much out of it as the two students who attended from Menai High School.
“The students spent the morning shadowing me, learning how to chair a meeting and helping to organise flights,” she said.
“They went out with the flight team on a mission, chatting to the pilot and family and seeing our process from end to end.”
Ms Pearson said the students also learnt how to create content for a youth-based, anti-bullying initiative Little Wings is launching in the bush.
“I encourage any CEO or community leader to take part if you can spare a day; it feels great knowing you are inspiring a young person and opening up their eyes to career possibilities.”
Zip Water Managing Director Mike Abbott who has taken part in CEO for Day twice with Bankstown Girls High School students, said both days were very enjoyable.
“The students asked a lot of questions as they became more familiar with our operations, from sales and engineering to manufacturing,” he said.
“It was a great feeling knowing we were broadening their mindset; I would definitely encourage other business leaders to take part.”
CEO for a Day will take place on February 21, May 8, August 7 and November 27.
To find out more or register, call CBCC President Wally Mehanna, 0416 012 747 or