Bunnings staff give up favourite tipple for Dry July

Switching to water, Bunnings Lidcombe team members Jessie Mikhail, Michelle Ralevska, Adrian Kenny and David Ralevski are showing their support for Dry July.

GIVING up alcohol for a month is easy when the cause is worthwhile, say a trio from Bunnings Lidcombe who have signed up for Dry July.

Getting plenty of support from their workmates, Dee Isanc, Adrian Kenny and Jessie Mikhail from Team Bunnings Lidcombe, have each sworn off their favourite drinks to help raise money to support the McGrath Foundation.
Ms Isanc said other team members at the Bunnings store who don’t drink alcohol have also been showing their support by giving up soft drinks or energy drinks and helping them fundraise.
“We’ve been having morning meetings and doing something each week to raise awareness about what we are doing and why,” she said.
After having family friends go through cancer diagnosis and treatment, Mr Kenny said the opportunity to take part in Dry July “struck a cord” and it was also a great way to talk about the work of the McGrath Foundation.
“We all really wanted to show our support for the community and raise awareness,” she said.
“Not drinking is not the hardest thing in the world but it is a change.
“You do have to keep it in the back of your mind and then when someone offers you a drink you just have to say you’re going dry, and that starts that conversation about why.”
Donations to the team can be made online at