Brush up for art project

BRUSHING up their skills, students at Dulwich Hill Art and Design School have attended an workshop to help develop new street art as part of ‘Perfect Match’ for the EDGE arts and cultural program in Ashfield.

Thomas Jackson is an Inner West Council Arts Grant recipient who will design street artwork on the wall of the ‘cheesecake slice’ which stands in front of the current Emanuel Tsardoulias Community Library in Dulwich Hill.
Art and Design students, from Years 7 to 11, were able to learn the importance of thorough research before starting a large-scale, street art painting.
Jackson and the students then researched the flora and fauna of the local area, compiling information and images for the street artwork and possible future artworks.

Pictures of honeyeaters, mynah birds and willy wagtails were just some of the birds that students recognised – Jackson then encouraged them to look at native trees, plants, flowers, berries and grasses that these birds feed from and build nests.
Students were also shown Jackson’s impressive street artwork portfolio including large paintings on high buildings across Sydney, Queensland and overseas – all in botanical illustrative style detailing the form and colour of plants, insects and birds, with the new street art planned to be painted in September.