Brewing up practical ways to boost employability of those with disability

AT TLC (Tender Loving Care) Disability Services, their mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and foster remarkable transformations.

TLC Australia Operations CEO Laura Cowell says their employment pathways are pivotal within TLC’s program offerings.
She says these pathways act as a foundation for participants, enabling them to advance towards their desired goals and ambitions.
Beyond securing employment, these pathways instil a sense of purpose, self-reliance and confidence among individuals, laying the groundwork for meaningful transformations.
Exemplified through tangible initiatives like the Frapp & Capp coffee shack (1 West Terrace, Bankstown), TLC has had much success providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
The social enterprise cafe gives people with disability the opportunity to discover training and employment pathways in hospitality and create community connections.
“This cafe represents more than just a place to enjoy great coffee; it symbolises our commitment to inclusivity and the power of creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities,” Laura said.
“Many of the NDIS participants we work with every day experience discrimination and bias while searching for employment; social enterprise cafes like Frapp & Capp are essential to creating a more inclusive and equitable society,” she said.
“We’re on a mission to demonstrate disability is not a barrier to successful training and work opportunities.”
With a delicious range of hot and cold drinks, light meals and snacks, Frapp & Capp Shack Cafe is open to the public Monday to Saturday, 7am-3pm.
Other TLC services include support in social, community and recreational participation, in-home support, financial plan management, specialised transport, meal delivery service in south west Sydney and connection with allied health professionals.
For further info: 1300 998 885.