Boys beat nation to win Robotics Challenge ‘23

A TEAM of Year 8 students in the Gifted and Talented class at East Hills Boys High School, have come first in Australia at the 2023 Universal Robotics Challenge.

Led by teachers John Watson and Walid El Chiekh, they had to compete with their own unique ‘warehouse’ robot in a points and time challenge.
The robots had to pick up a range of different shaped packages from designated locations and deliver them to a drop zone with point multipliers in place for the most packages stacked at the highest levels.
Mr Watson said that in preparation for this year’s competition, the students developed a range of skills including problem solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, evaluation and persistence.
“We would like to recognise and thank EduTech Australia who has continued to support and sponsor our school over the last four years through their Education4ALL Equity Program,” he said.
The students took out the following awards: National High Schools Division: First place, Shine-Shae Boweslyon, Al Moid Amin and Zamir Bhuiyan; Second place, Ehsan Yasen, Jacob Halpin and Nazeer Naqvi; Third place, Aloz Dahal, Sushmit Barua and Hitesh Angadi Kiran. World Senior Division: Second place, Ehsan Yasen, Jacob Halpin and Nazeer Naqvi.
Principal Paul Abboud said: “Well done to all staff and students, and to add to this success, East Hills Boys has now qualified for the international competition in Japan next year.”