Bottle shop staff praise safety move

RETAIL Drinks Australia is ensuring liquor stores are ‘Safe to Serve’, launching a national initiative to better protect its 75,000 strong workforce, with bottle shop operators praising the move.

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of all robberies in Australia occur within the retail industry with more than half of these (54 per cent) armed robberies.
Liquor is the most frequently reported stolen item, as high as 37 per cent, and retail workers are also contending with rising levels of violence with assaults increasing by 47 per cent in recent years.
To ensure this pattern doesn’t continue, Retail Drinks has launched the ‘Safe to Serve’ initiative bringing together a coalition of leading industry voices, businesses and government entities to improve safety at retail liquor outlets through education, awareness and advocacy.
A BWS Lidcombe staff member said whatever gave liquor industry employees more security, was a good thing.
Along with Bottlemart Express Auburn, he said thefts of liquor and armed hold-ups were not that common in the area.
“We have good security so I’m sure that acts as a deterrent,” he said.
A Liquorland Merrylands employee said while there were always opportunistic thefts of alcohol, he hadn’t noticed an increase.
“So far so good but any action to keep workers safe is supported,” he said.
As part of the initiative, Retail Drinks has developed an online toolkit which includes information on topics like working with police, improving security measures and teaching staff how to apply de-escalation principles.
The toolkit also contains in-store posters for liquor store owners to display, encouraging responsible behaviour towards staff.
To download the online toolkit: