Boost for transport link in local corridor

CANTERBURY Bankstown Council will help fund a feasibility study into public transport links between Campsie and Burwood.

Mayor Khal Asfour says there are a number of potential solutions, such as autonomous buses or trackless trams that do not involve the significant expense and disruption incurred by more traditional means, such as light rail or metro services.
“However, to achieve the best outcome for our community, first we need to examine the problem and constraints that exist and then assess each technology and how it might support our community’s transport needs,” he said.
“It has become absolutely clear that there is a need to provide additional and responsive public transport options to service our communities. Our pressing need is to strengthen our north-south connectivity.”
He told the council that while some corridors, such as the Kogarah to Parramatta, are long term and significant, the council must take ownership of planning for and creating links, like the connection between Campsie and Burwood.
“Burwood Council have shown a keen interest in strengthening this Campsie-Burwood link and together we can plan for and be proactive in approaching the future,” he said.
“From getting to work, school, sport or simply doing the groceries, an efficient, reliable and safe public transport system is vital to a prosperous, safe and healthy community.”
The council will contribute $15,000 to the study conducted by Burwood Council.
“Together we can plan for and be proactive in approaching the future,” the Mayor said