Boasts Wetland Scientist at park

HOME to the largest remaining mangrove forest on the Parramatta River, Sydney Olympic Park also now boasts Australia’s first certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS).

The International Society of Wetland Scientists recently confirmed the PWS title for Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) wetland manager, Dr Swapan Paul.
The 135-hectares of mangrove and salt-marsh wetlands are a breeding ground for fish and other aquatic creatures, and a hotspot for waterbirds.
Working on conserving the diverse wetland environment for the past 22 years, Dr Paul says “every inch” of the wetlands serves a purpose.
“If trees are the lung of nature, then wetlands are the kidney,” he said.
“It is important to have wetlands, not only to provide habitat for endangered species, but to act as a natural filtration for better water quality and a channel for the city’s stormwater.
“Here at Sydney Olympic Park we have an experienced team of ecologists and asset managers, and our wetlands have become an international example of conserving nature with the increase of urban development.”