Better hear health boost

A hearing aid will not only improve your quality of life but reduce the likeliness of becoming forgetful and confused as you age.

UNTREATED hearing loss may have serious medical consequences.

Would you be surprised to know that there’s a chance hearing aids may lessen forgetfulness and mental confusion linked to hearing loss in adults?
This means if every adult comes forward to have their hearing tested and connected, they’ll be helping themselves reduce the likeliness of becoming forgetful and confused as they age.
Hearing keeps us connected to our world.
As you can imagine, without being able to hear, we would have difficulties socialising, working, communicating, interacting and even relaxing.
We are accustomed to routine medical checks for cholesterol, high blood pressure and eyesight, but most people haven’t had a hearing test since they were in primary school.
Patients are reminded constantly that every adult over the age of 55 should have regular hearing tests because hearing loss is simultaneously a preventable and treatable condition.
Yet only one in four Australians who experience hearing loss and who would benefit from hearing aids, actually wears one.
What can you do?
A hearing assessment takes about 30 minutes.
Call now for an appointment at The Hearing Clinic Bankstown on 9709 4888.