Become a wilderness explorer

YOU can enjoy the beauty of Tasmania’s natural landscape through the lens of an Australia Chinese Vietnamese explorer in Granville Centre Art Gallery’s latest exhibition ‘The Microdot’ which opens on Thursday night.

The explorer character that artist Dr Dacchi Dang has embodied in his first solo exhibition, aims to challenge the narrowed and skewed view of the western colonial explorer and to instead celebrate the diversity and multicultural country that is Australia.
Specialising in black and white photography and alternative photographic processes, Dr Dang says his cultural exploration highlights the micro and macro layers of landscape in our society.
“At the macro layer, everyday thousands of people are travelling from their homeland to the foreigner land either for work, migration and leisure,” he said.
With many of their hopes for their new land based on images of a fun, friendly, exciting or enjoyable culture, some are disappointed as their first experiences do not match what they’ve imagined.
As a way to educate and demonstrate the beauty which is not always obvious, Dr Dang’s exhibition gives the viewer a glimpse into the rugged, natural landscape and challenges preconceptions.
“Through my photography, I have showcased our ‘micro’ landscape of beauty which is just waiting to be explored,” he said.
To get a taste of life beyond the city and see what natural gems call Australia home, visit the free ‘The Microdot’ exhibition for inspiration from this Thursday, March 7 (opening night from 5pm) and then Wednesday to Saturday, June 15, 11am-3pm.
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