Beats hundreds to attend convention

SELECTED from over 800 students across Australia, Georges Hall resident Jana Elhassan is one of only 120 selected to take part in the 25th National Schools Constitutional Convention.

The Amity College student will travel to Canberra next week for the convention at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.
Session topics at the Convention will include: How do other federations deal with water; What is the right mix of state and federal control of Australia’s water; and Who should have control of Australia’s water and why?
Outcomes will be presented to the President of the Senate, Scott Ryan, for tabling in Parliament.
Jana said: “My personal outlook on Australian waters is problematic, the increasing scarcity as we have been through multiple and lengthy droughts in the past year, not only impacts the citizens within the country but also our flora and fauna.
“There is also a challenge of managing the urgent effects of climate change and the impact it is having in our waters and rivers.”
Jana said she was honoured to be chosen to enter into a new discussion that could benefit current and future generations.
“Taking part in such a great topic with other students like myself who may have different perspectives or ideas towards the same topic, will benefit not only my mindset but hopefully the students and other individuals involved,” she said.