Bearded Bakers ‘pop up’ in park

THE famed Bearded Bakers are bringing their all-singing, all-dancing shipping container bakery to Bankstown’s Paul Keating Park.

Brothers Ameer and Joey El Issa, and sister Mouna Emsis, who are the brainchildren behind the skyrocketing business, will be selling their signature sweet, Knafeh – a Middle Eastern sweet cheese, cream and semolina dessert, topped with crushed pistachios, soaked in rosewater sugar syrup.
They will be at Paul Keating Park, June 20-23 and 27-30, from 6pm till late.
It’s been five years in the making and Joey said: “We’re looking forward to shaking and baking in Bankstown.
“From the very beginning, we’ve had our hearts set on the heart of Canterbury-Bankstown.
“It’s a massive focal point for western Sydney.
“To be honest, we love the demographic and can’t wait to bring Paul Keating Park to life, connecting people through good food and music, while sharing our culture.
“It’s not what you do but how you do it.
“We feel privileged that we’ve been able to take barriers down between religions and cultures, and celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism. Wherever we pop-up, we’re just excited to create an experience and interact with people.”
The El Issa family’s venture has gone from strength to strength, having opened pop-up shipping containers in Sydney, Melbourne and New York, and soon Beirut.
Mayor Khal Asfour welcomed the Bearded Bakers and their 45-strong crew.
“A strong focus for us is activating our night-time economy and supporting businesses to think about trading more on weeknights,” he said.
“What I love about the Knafeh boys – apart from the Knafeh – is the culture and atmosphere they bring with them everywhere they go. It really is something to see.”