Baker’s cooking up ways to share tips to cut environmental footprint

ENCOURAGING staff to reduce their environmental footprint, Revesby business Bakers Maison has put in place a program urging its people to make small personal changes.

Managing director of the specialist manufacturer of French style breads, pastries and sweets, Pascal Chaneliere says the staff program is part of a wider commitment by the company to improving the environment.
“Part of Bakers Maison’s Environmental Policy is to encourage all staff, over 200, to work in ways that reduce their environmental footprint by adopting small things that help the environment for everyone’s benefit,” Mr Chaneliere said.
“We’re encouraging staff at all levels to write down their name and share what simple, creative tasks they do in their daily lives to care for the environment.”
Bakers Maison’s HR Officer Shimaila Qureshi epitomises the program with her stance on cruelty-free produced products and sustainability.
“I choose to purchase and support cruelty free brands,” Qureshi said.
“Anything from haircare to cosmetics and dental. I research the ingredients (avoiding animal by-products or harmful chemicals/fillers like petroleum and mineral oils) and check to see if the brand supports eco-friendly and humane ways of testing their products.”
Other Bakers Maison staff have come up with suggestions like “eating vegetarian food more often, unplugging appliances when not in use and using re-usable bags”.
With other initiatives such waste reduction, and using eco-friendly materials and solar panels, they are even looking at the feasibility of electric cars for sales representatives.