• WHILE not facing a criminal investigation, Corey Harawira-Naera and Jayden Okunbor have been stood down by the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs after each was issued a show cause notice by the NRL as to why they shouldn’t face further disciplinary action for alleged breaches of the Game’s Code of Conduct. Neither player is available for selection for Thursday night’s NRL season opener against Parramatta but have an opportunity to respond to the matters alleged before any final decision is made.

• AFTER booking a holiday through Fly365 which went belly up two weeks ago, a Condell Park reader is fighting to get her money back via her bank. Purchasing the tickets on a credit card, she should be entitled to a refund but is battling to get any cooperation between the airline and her bank. “I’m so frustrated, the airline won’t confirm there isn’t a ticket and the bank won’t refund anything without a confirmation,” she said. “I’m stuck calling both over and over again to try and get it fixed.”

• HEADING to his workplace in Condell Park, one driver says he can’t believe the number of people behind the wheel still using their mobile phones. “I spotted one driver, with mobile in hand, hit the kerb just on the other side of a school zone,” he said. “Imagine if a child had been standing at the kerb. It’s just crazy.”

• A 30-YEAR-OLD man from Panania allegedly threatened a woman with a knife in Hoskins St, Bankstown, before stealing her money on Sunday, March 1, at 6.10am. The man was charged with robbery armed with an offensive weapon and refused bail to appear in court on April 29.

• FORGET toilet paper, a Torch scribe with a head cold, says it’s tissues she is on the hunt for. “I found a little travel box of 90 tissues at the local supermarket in Georges Hall and was so happy I almost did a little dance,” she said. “I am now resorting to my dad’s stash of cotton handkerchiefs.” And yes, she went to the doctor (wearing a face-mask) and it’s definitely a head cold and not anything that requires a 14-day quarantine.

• WHEN did tea bags take over from loose leaf tea asks a Bankstown reader. “I’ve been searching for green tea to put in a pot but all I could find were tea bags,” she said. “Why is that? Have we lost the ability to brew a proper pot of tea?”

• A CONDELL Park reader says Environment Minister Matt Kean’s proposed new ‘NSW Plastics Plan’ is a waste of time. “Maybe they could start by looking at all that plastic wrapped around toilet paper rolls that shoppers are going crazy for,” he said. The plan is open for public comment until May 8 at