• WHILE we hope everyone does the right thing, the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) provides police with powers to ensure compliance with the public health orders. It is an offence for a person to fail to comply with an order. The maximum penalty is six months’ imprisonment and/or an $11,000 fine. Just saying.

• PETER from Beverly Hills says he’s seen shelves full of eggs at the shops but unfortunately all of them were chocolate. “It was good to see that the large supermarkets have their priorities right,” he said. We think that maybe Peter doesn’t have the same love of chocolate that some of us do.

• CAROL from Georges Hall says bags of rubbish appear to have been dumped next to the bins at Lake Gillawarna. “The birds will be pulling those open and spreading everything everywhere,” she said. “So disappointing to see that sort of thing happen, particularly in such a lovely spot.”

• HE told us to “know when to hold them, know when to fold them, to know when to walk away, and to know when to run.” Vale Kenny Rogers, the singer who brought us Islands in the Stream,Lucille and, of course, the sage advice in The Gambler, has died at 81.