Baby killer’s back in high security jail

CONVICTED baby killer Keli Lane is back behind bars in a maximum security prison after reportedly breaking the conditions of her day release which could impact on her chance of getting parole.

The 48-year-old, who was found guilty of murdering her baby daughter in 2010, is now back at Silverwater women’s prison after being investigated over allegations of inappropriate behaviour at an external worksite.
The incident could affect her chances of getting parole, with Lane having almost completed her minimum sentence of 13-and-a-half years behind bars, with the minimum sentence expiring in 10 weeks’ time.
The Olympic water polo hopeful had been listed for parole consideration before a closed meeting of the NSW State Parole Authority on March 22.
Lane was moved to a transitional centre in Sydney’s north-west in August last year as she neared the end of her non-parole period.
Correctives Services confirmed last week that a female inmate had been returned to a maximum-security prison.
“Living in a transitional centre is a privilege, underpinned by the good behaviour of the inmate, and their adherence to strict conditions,” a spokesperson said.
“If an inmate is suspected of behaviour which contravenes these conditions, an investigation is launched, and the offender can be returned to prison.”
Lane’s case will be the first test of the ‘no body, no parole’ legislation that was amended in October 2022.
Lane was found to have murdered her daughter Tegan by the NSW Supreme Court after the baby girl died just two days after she was born at Auburn Hospital in 1996.
She has always maintained her innocence.
She claimed she handed her daughter to a man named Andrew Morris or Norris who was believed to be Tegan’s father, before Lane attended a wedding just hours after being discharged from hospital.
The man never came forward and authorities never found the man or the body of Tegan.