Authentic outdoor dining experience to thrill

THE annual Ramadan Street Festival promises an authentic outdoor Ramadan dining experience with Auburn’s main street closed to accommodate a spectacular line-up of food trucks, street food stalls and local restaurants.

The annual festival – along Auburn Road, Auburn, on Saturday, March 16, 7pm-midnight – pays homage to the rich culture and traditions of Ramadan, with eateries serving up a variety of foods from cultures all over the world, including African fusion food, pizza, Turkish kofte rolls, falafel and kebabs, vegan Egyptian street food, souvlaki wraps and much more.
Among the huge line-up will be Lokma-nia, who have been have been participating in the festival since 2019, offering Turkish doughnuts, chocolates, cookies and beautiful Turkish coffee.
Cumberland Mayor Lisa Lake said Ramadan was an important holy month with community members coming together to break their fast and share in the spirit of peace and kindness.
She said the festival held a special place on the council’s calendar, offering a “unique chance for the community to connect, socialise and experience the magic of Ramadan under the stars within the streets of Auburn”.
“Auburn is one of the most multicultural communities in Australia. It’s a melting pot of cultures and the Ramadan Street Festival showcases some of the best of our multicultural community,” Mayor Lake said.
“We welcome everyone from across Sydney to join us in discovering the diverse food, shops and culture that make Auburn special.”