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Auction success rate now surging

AUCTION clearance rates surged again across Sydney for the weekend of July 13 – soaring to 74 per cent.

That’s the highest clearance rate in a year, which is great news for home sellers and certainly shows that the housing market is stabilising. With fewer properties available for sale overall, it’s slim pickings for buyers.
The traditionally busy Spring quarter is only a couple of months away and there will be a greater number of properties coming onto the market ultimately giving buyers greater choice.
So, if you’re a homeowner wanting to achieve an above average result at auction, then now is the time.
If you are selling, there are plenty of sure-fire ways of making your home more appealing to potential buyers. When presenting your property for sale (or lease), it should look and feel like a space that’s loved and cared for. It’s all about helping people imagine what it would be like to live there and, most importantly, make them feel “at home”.
Often just a scented candle or relaxing background music can make for a welcoming experience, but don’t overlook things like removing all items from the kitchen bench tops as this enhances the sense of space and cleanliness.
Basically, declutter as much as possible. A home stylist can often work wonders and give the place a fresh look, while things like personal family photos, bric-a-brac and memorabilia don’t help sell the property – they merely serve to remind people that someone else lives there; and you want them to leave feeling like they already belong.
At Day & Hodgson, we’re always available with advice and support. We’ll help you get your home looking its best and find someone who’ll enjoy and look after your home as much as you did.