Artist sculpture win for Rookwood’s exhibition

WILEY Park artist Claire Tennant has been selected as one of 56 creative talents to exhibit their work as part of the 11th annual HIDDEN Rookwood Sculpture exhibition. Held within the grounds of Sydney’s iconic Rookwood Cemetery, from September 7 to October 7, HIDDEN will include student and film categories – as well as the renowned sculpture works.

During the month-long exhibition, the cemetery transforms into an open-air exhibition, providing a unique way for visitors to engage with and experience Rookwood.
Tennant’s submission is a life sized cast of a woman made almost entirely from birdseed to attract native birds.
“The artwork acts as a discourse about the anthropocene,” Tennant explained.
“The anthropocene defines our current age in which biodiversity is diminishing and ecosystems are in global decline due to human intervention. The artwork is reflective of our degrading biodiversity, and ironically, the sculpture acts as a beacon of support to the local wildlife as a source of food.
“A cemetery is a place where everything entropies back into the ground. The sculpture will be destroyed but it will have brought a community together, it’s all a cycle of life and decay.”
A model maker and casting professional operating out of her Marrickville studio, Tennant works with visual artists and has created film props and sets, specialising in the technical side of creating art.
“I have never entered HIDDEN before but have been to see it a few times and always loved the experience and Rookwood in particular as a showcase for such interesting art.
“I was very pleased to have been accepted as a finalist as I know how many entries there are every year.
“Having spent my career making art for other people, it’s been really liberating to make something for myself and have it so positively received.”
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