Artist invited to exhibit work as part of famous Venice Biennale

HIS works of art already adorn many public sites in the area and now Peter Day has been invited to show his creations in a prestigious international exhibition in Venice as part of the famous Venice Biennale.

He was invited to take part in the Personal Structures Exhibition, hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, because of his renowned expertise in creating site-specific and issue-based works of art.
Excited to be invited to take part, he said the works bound for Venice, depicted the effects of climate change.
“The first is one of the Pizza San Marco, or St Mark’s, which is the main square in Venice in a stylised manner being embraced by a micro-organism that lives in the benthic zone of the ocean or on the seafloor, with the creature being monitored to gauge the health of the lagoon there,” he said.
“The irony is that the micro-organism will be extinct by the end of the century due to the rising levels of acidic water in the seas.
“The second painting is a top-down view of the courtyard in front of the Museum of Archeology which floods about 20 times a year and will eventually be permanently under water if more action is not taken.”
As well as holding overseas residencies including France and America and exhibiting in Mexico, Peter has also produced artworks for the United Nations and Department of Foreign Affairs.
Examples of his work in the local area, can be seen at the Hornets in Stuart Street Reserve, Padstow, the East Hills Bulldogs at Smith Park, Revesby shopping village, Vessels in Padstow and Lakemba, and the Frontispiece at the Chester Hill Library and Knowledge Centre.