Arrived with no English but now operates three stores

AFTER fleeing violence in Afghanistan as a refugee, 28-year-old Dawood Dawood has overcome the despair he experienced during his journey to quite literally bring sweetness into the heart of Lidcombe and Auburn.

The young entrepreneur, who now owns three businesses, two juice and dessert bars and a grocery store, says he started with zero English and without a finance or business background.
Mr Dawood has introduced ‘falluda’ ice-cream – noodles in ice-cream in a range of flavours – a treat originating from Pakistan and Iran.
He says their Afghan ice-cream ‘sheer-yakh’, which in Afghanistan would bring people together, including families, friends and especially couples, has also been a big hit.
“It’s a blend of vanilla ice-cream, milk, condensed milk, a pint of saffron, grounded pistachio and rose water,” he said.
Travelling from his homeland to bordering Pakistan after experiencing persecution, he said there was a lot of sectarian violence.
“We weren’t safe,” he said.
“In Auburn, every day is like two days … business is great and I have made many friends in the community.
“As a businessman who struggled to get here, my advice to others in my shoes is to never give up on their dreams.
“Have a goal and never give up.”