Arrest 200 for drink, drug driving

ALMOST 200 dangerous drivers have been taken off the roads during a state-wide operation with sections of the M5 locked down last Friday and Saturday nights as police targeted drug and alcohol driving offences, and general road compliance.

Operation Nabbed ran from Friday to Saturday, and conducted 22,279 random breath tests, which resulted in 87 people being charged with PCA offences, and 1,105 roadside drug tests, resulting in 91 positive drug tests.
Traffic and Highway Patrol South West Sector Commander, Acting Superintendent Gregory Donaldson, said it remained disappointing that drivers continued to engage in dangerous behaviour on our roads.
“Those who drive while under the influence are not just putting their lives at risk but the lives of their fellow drivers,” he said.
“It is criminal behaviour and it won’t be tolerated on NSW roads.
“Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs is a choice. Your choice can lead to serious injury or death of yourself, the people in your car or other innocent road users. As a driver, you have the responsibility to ensure that everybody gets home safe.”
Supt Gregory Donaldson said police would continue to run these operations throughout the year “to catch those drivers who still don’t understand how their stupid decisions can ruin lives”.
“These people who have been caught have made a selfish decision to drive and put themselves and other road users at risk,” he said.
He also urged motorists who followed the rules, to report any dangerous drivers you see to police; “you may just save a life”.