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Arrest 10th in riot

A MAN from Granville was the 10th person to be charged over the alleged riot which followed the stabbing of a bishop in Wakeley earlier this month.

Police Commissioner Karen Webb warned those who took part in the alleged riot that they could “expect a knock at the door. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. But we’ll find you and we’ll come and arrest you.”
Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, of the Christ the Good Shepherd Church, who was allegedly repeatedly stabbed during a service on Monday, April 15, returned to the church this week nursing his injuries.
Strike Force Dribs, established to investigate the violent incidents outside the church which included several officers being injured and numerous police cars damaged, arrested a 27-year-old man at a home on Milton Street, where they seized several items allegedly thought to be linked to the incident.
He was charged with riot and throw missile at police officer at public disorder – no actual bodily harm.
A 16-year-old boy arrested over the alleged stabbing was charged with committing a terrorist act under section 101.1 Criminal Code Act (Commonwealth) 1995, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for life.
Strike Force Dribs Commander, Superintendent Andrew Evans said while there were a large number of people involved in the violent incident, these particular individuals were being targeted by detectives due to the violent and aggressive nature of their actions.
“We are doing everything we can to identify these men and are now appealing for public assistance.
“Someone in the community knows who they are,” Supt Evans said.