Appalled over vandal attack on park wharf

☐ Councillor Steve Tuntevski discovered the wharf vandal attack on Good Friday.

WHAT was an early morning walk enjoying the surrounds of East Hills Park on Good Friday, turned to disgust for Cr Steve Tuntevski when he found “mindless vandals” had set fire to the wharf.

The Canterbury Bankstown Councillor said he was appalled by what he saw.

“It’s apparent that someone has set fire to it, resulting in substantial structural damage, making the wharf unsafe and unusable for residents, picnickers and recreational fishermen to use,” he said.

“Local residents are particularly fond of the wharf and we’re all angered that someone would deliberately damage it.

“The park is heavily utilised, particularly on the weekends by local residents, picnickers, families and recreational fishermen, it’s just disgusting that anyone could do this.”

The wharf has been cordoned off so it can undergo repairs.

Cr Tuntevski said anyone with information about the fire should contact police.

He has also asked the council to undertake a safety audit of the wharf structure.