Angry health worry ignored

AUBURN resident and former councillor Tony Oldfield says he felt “pissed off” after his concerns about an urgent public health issue were not raised at the last Cumberland Council meeting.

Initially told the meeting would be closed to the public due to concerns over the Covid-19 virus, he was only advised that the decision had been reversed less than half an hour before the meeting started.
After complying with an earlier request to submit an email outlining his concerns to councillors, he said he was left frustrated when it wasn’t even acknowledged at the March 16 meeting.
“I was prepared to accept the cancellation of the public forum under the circumstances but then I saw the live streaming of the council meeting and they didn’t even adhere to the advice of social distancing between councillors, mayor and senior council staff,” he said.
Ironically Mr Oldfield had wanted to ask the council to address health concerns related to the issue of spitting in public places, particularly around the Lidcombe Town Centre.
“Residents have raised concern about spitting in public particularly in relation to the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.
“There is public health evidence that many bacterias are spread by saliva.”
In the email to councillors, he also urged them to consider undertaking an urgent public education campaign while also avoiding racial stereotyping, adding that it was important to show people that spitting in public is unacceptable to all communities.