Ample parking claim slammed

A REPORT claiming there is a “sufficient supply of time limited and unrestricted parking spots” available on the Cumberland side of the Granville Town Centre, has been criticised.

At Wednesday’s Council meeting, Cr Joe Rahme questioned the report’s conclusion and said staff hadn’t looked at how many people were coming in and out of the town centre.
“I will not accept the notion that the parking in Granville is sufficient,” he said.
“As a resident of Granville for my entire life, it is clear that Granville is in desperate need of more parking, with the strain being cause by residents, but more so by people from surrounding suburbs and local government areas (LGAs) coming in and out of Granville.”
Cumberland’s director works and infrastructure, Peter Fitzgerald, admitted that council staff had only carried out a visual survey to prepare the report.
However he said the situation was complicated because the council was also in the process of considering whether or not to build a new administration building in Granville which could include a multi-storey car park.
However Cr Rahme told the Review that the parking situation should be “a stand alone priority, not reliant on anything else”.
Also disagreeing with the report’s conclusion, Cr Ola Hamad said she often received complaints from residents, commuters and businesses about the lack of supply of suitable parking, which was why she’d originally raised the issue.
She said her intent wasn’t just about addressing supply and demand, but was also about managing the spaces available including the need for more four-hour parking spots for commuters.
“I am determined to work towards addressing not only the parking supply issue in Granville but also the way we manage the parking spaces currently,” she said.