Ambos help to deliver bub in vehicle birth emergency as car before bub arrives

ONE of Wiley Park’s newest residents was in such a hurry to arrive, that mum only made it as far as the car.

Luckily Ambulance NSW paramedics Tahlia Pacey (pictured) and Kate Blackbeard turned up at the same time and sprang into action, helping to deliver the baby girl before intensive care paramedics arrived to transport mum and bub to Canterbury Hospital.
Tahlia said it was only the second emergency birth that she’d attended while Kate had previously worked in South Africa and had lots of previous experience.
“Mum had done such a great job before we arrived but I hope that our presence helped to relieve a little bit of the stress she must have experienced,” Tahlia said.
“We’re in a very privileged position to be able to see all aspects and stages of life and this might just be my favourite.”
Kate said: “Luckily for us, mum and dad had already done the hard part of ‘getting the baby out’, they needed help with the ‘after part’.
“Mum was non-English speaking but she trusted us immediately with her baby and herself.
“It always feels great helping others in the community.”
And do they have plans to see the baby and mum in the future?
“We can imagine mum and dad are both busy adjusting and enjoying the newborn bubble,” they said.
“We left them happy and healthy so that’s all that matters to us.”