New power to raid drug dealers

THE introduction of Drug Supply Prohibition Orders will help the police smash organised crime gangs who prey on young people and profit from the large-scale supply of illegal drugs in NSW, says Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The pilot program will be introduced by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government and operate across four police commands, including Bankstown.

The Premier says she wants convicted drug dealers to know that they will have nowhere to hide if they want to prey on, and profit from, the people of NSW.

A court issued Drug Supply Prohibition Order will give police the power to search the homes, vehicles and person of convicted drug dealers at any time without a warrant, if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that there is evidence of drug-related crime. 

An order will ensure that police are able to specifically target convicted drug dealers who are considered likely to continue to engage in drug supply, without having to apply for multiple court warrants, helping to ensure that convicted drug dealers are held to account if they continue to engage in drug-related crime. 

Minister for Police Troy Grant said strong action is needed to protect our communities.  

“I’ve seen the harsh reality of illegal drugs in our communities, and I’m confident that these orders will help our police take the fight to drug dealers, and show them that we will not tolerate having this filth on our streets,” Mr Grant said.