‘All should celebrate, be proud to live in best country in world’

WITH several supermarkets and large variety stores not selling Australia Day merchandise this year, many families have been making a beeline to smaller speciality stores such as Roni’s and the Reject Shop inside Bankstown Central.

Grabbing a range of party essentials such as Australia Day t-shirts, aprons, beach balls, flags, glasses and cups, residents have been breathing a sigh of relief at being able to get their hands on these items ahead of the big day this Friday, January 26.
Roni’s manager Haylie Graham said they’ve always stocked Australia Day items and were not worried about what the larger stores were doing.
“We’re not political but believe everyone should support Australia Day 100 per cent,” she said.
“We live in Australia, we’re Australian, it’s the best country in the world, and you have to be proud of that.
“It’s the one day when we can really celebrate being Australian and how far we’ve come.”
Haylie said they wished they had more Australia Day merchandise as people couldn’t get enough of it.
“There are not many large variety stores in Bankstown so if the supermarkets don’t support the day, people don’t have a lot of choice about where to get the merchandise,” she said.
“We’ll have a lot more in next year and definitely encourage everyone to celebrate Australia Day.”
The Reject shop’s Hassan Sesay said the Australia Day merchandise was selling well.
“A lot of items have sold out but we still have some awesome flags, cups, beach balls and a few other items,” he said.
“It’s great to see people buying it and getting ready to celebrate the country on Friday.”