All invited to ‘open day’ sale, tour of Mens Shed

LONG a part of Aussie culture, the modern Mens Shed is an updated version of the classic shed in the backyard where the menfolk would gather, build or fix items and solve the world’s problems over a pint or a cuppa.

These days older men gather to pass on skills to younger men, work on community projects and to enjoy the company of others and bus trips away.
Auburn City Mens Shed President Bob Bates said it’s amazing how many people still had not heard of Mens Sheds which were now found across the country.
It is for this reason that they’ve decided to have an ‘Open Day’ at their premises at 365 Park Road, Regents Park, on Saturday, May 4, 9am-1pm, where visitors can check out their projects or pick up some beautiful, hand-made toys and kitchen items plus bee and bird boxes and planter boxes which resemble kegs.
“Woodwork is our main activity as well as restoration, refurbishment and repair work for local organisations, aged-care facilities, schools and other not-for-profit groups,” Bob said.
“We recently raised the 22 garden beds at Auburn Centre for Community so they’re easier to manage for people who can’t bend down.”
He said members also get info on health but mateship is the most important part of every mens shed – first and foremost the shed is a place to men to knock about with a group of like-minded mates.
“I’ve seen plenty who might be stressed or lost their wives and they’re down in the dumps but after a few weeks, they turn up with a smile and really settle in; it’s wonderful to see.
“We’re looking forward to meeting more of you at our Open Day next Saturday.”
The Men’s Shed is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7am-12noon, with tea, coffee and morning tea provided.
For further info, call Bob on 0432 437 313.