African-style jewellery created traditional way

KINGSGROVE resident Caroline Boateng will showcase her ‘Created by Culture’ range of African styled jewellery and fashion at this weekend’s Sydney Gift Fair (February 21-24) at Sydney Olympic Park.

A bank strategist by day and an eco-warrior and jeweller by night, she transforms discarded glass bottles sourced from rubbish collected along the coastlines of Ghana to create custom jewellery inspired by her birth place.
Living in Australia since she was just a year old, she visited Ghana, the country of her birth, at the age of 13 and says she loved its beauty and vibrancy.
However it broke her heart to see people unapologetically discarding their rubbish on the streets because there is no public waste disposal system.
“I now have a team of artisans who collect dumped glass bottles from the streets and coastlines,” she said.
“Using traditional Ghanaian techniques dating back to the 17th century, ‘Created by Culture’ transforms the glass by grinding it into powder, and baking each individual bead in moulds.”
The beads then get a new life as part of treasured jewellery pieces.