Dining Out

Affordable yet high quality

LET’S be honest, everybody loves eating out. Having someone else preparing delicious food for you, bringing it to your table and doing all the washing up afterwards is absolutely glorious. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Of course, this luxury unfortunately comes at a price. Fancy food usually comes with a hefty cost and trendy restaurants require a certain amount of effort in terms of dressing up.
Dooleys Lidcombe’s concept of eating out is much more simple, but still delicious and a great opportunity to hang-out with family and friends.
Why choose ‘casual dining’?
Dooleys Lidcombe’s casual dining hubs are an affordable and stress-free way to try all sorts of different and exciting foods. And don’t be fooled … just because it isn’t super expensive or served in an exclusive restaurant, it doesn’t mean it’s not high quality and extremely tasty!
What kinds of food can you get at Dooleys Lidcombe?
There are five wonderfully different restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros to sink your teeth into.

Lloyds Bistro offers a diverse range of family favourites to cater for all tastes and preferences. From salads and healthy options, to sharing plates, pizzas, seafood, grill classics, barbecued meats and so much more.
It’s a practical and casual venue, especially for large groups or families as there’s something on the menu to suit everyone.
If you fancy a casual drink or two, Three Lanterns Bar offers craft beers, cocktails, smoothies, shakes and much more. Try one of the signature drinks or ask the bartenders to fix you one of your favourites.
Or for something quick and easy, John Street Cafe offers sweet and savoury snacks, sandwiches and light bites.
If you’re after a more adventurous dining experience, 8 Dragons is an authentic Shanghai-style restaurant with a mouthwatering menu full of Chinese classics (as well as some unexpected local delights). Or if you prefer Vietnamese, Vincent’s Noodle House will satisfy all your cravings with a variety of authentic noodle and rice-based dishes.
So what are you waiting for?
Between all five of Dooleys’ casual dining restaurants and cafes in Lidcombe, you could have a different dining experience every day of the week! So pop in soon and sit back and relax, while the Dooleys team do all the hard work for you.