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Advice to boost comfort in your home away from home

WHAT you take with you on your adventure will depend on your rig, how long you are going for and the level of luxury you are looking for. If you are planning a long-term trip, you will no doubt experience a multitude of weather conditions.

• Bring a range of clothing to suit different climates but don’t go over the top. You can always top up clothing cheaply at op shops or local markets.
• However comfortable the inside of your rig may be, don’t forget to pack a folding table and camp chairs for sitting outside.
• If you are planning to take a spare tent for occasional use when you drop your van to go exploring off-road, remember to take a portable gas cooker.
• Similarly, if camping in the wilds is going to be a significant part of your trip, don’t forget to bring items such as an axe for chopping wood, firelighters and a camp oven.
• A vehicle-mounted shower device powered by car battery is very useful in bush camping situations if your rig doesn’t have its own shower.
• Hammocks, Swiss army knives, portable water filters and battery-less torches are just a few other handy items.
• Check out a camping supply shop and keep an eye out for ideas as you travel.
• It is inevitable that medical emergencies will occur. St John Ambulance and the Red Cross sell an extensive range of first-aid kits.
• Don’t overload the fridge and block air circulation which is needed to maintain the correct temperature.
• Take the beer, jam and pickles out of the fridge if you’re short of space. They are unlikely to cause food poisoning if they stay outside the fridge.