Troubleshooting Local News Plus

Our aim is to provide local news and content but with a 24/7 feel and available on any device that has a web browser. To provide these modern services requires modern web browsers and unfortunately not all web browsers support the latest functions.

If you are having problems with the display of local news plus please follow some of the steps outlined below.

We support Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera web browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer we strongly suggest updating to a more modern browser or following the steps below.

Internet Explorer Version 7 and below

We are not providing support for these versions, please upgrade your version. To check what version you have open Internet Explorer and go the menu option "Help" then select "About Internet Explorer"

To upgrade your version run the windows update tool by clicking on the "Start" button at the bottom left of your screen and choosing the option "Windows Update"

Internet Explorer Version 8-10

We are providing limited support for Internet Explorer 8-9. Please follow the steps above to update your version.

Internet Explorer Version 11 and above

If your having trouble sometimes the "Compatibility View Settings" may fix errors. You can find this feature under the "tools" menu option.

Contact the webmaster here any additional queries