They're raving about short film featuring local talent

Yagoona actress Isha Kamara's film has received rave reviews at the Palm Springs International Shortfest film festival in California.

Story appeared in: Torch | July 8th, 2014

A SHORT film featuring western Sydney talent from the South Sudanese community in Bankstown, has screened in the official competition of the Oscar-qualifying film festival, Palm Springs International Shortfest, California.
The film received rave reviews last month when it screened at the Palm Springs Shortfest, ranked as the world's fifth most prestigious festival behind Cannes, Sundance, Venice and Berlin.
Co-produced by Yagoona actress and film maker Isha Kamara, I Am Emmanuel takes a poetic look at the difficulties involved for refugees when transitioning into a new life in Australia after fleeing from the horrors of war.
"The film got a warm response from the Sudanese community when we had an advanced screening in Bankstown recently," Isha said.
"The film also was able to tell our story to the wider community."
Isha, who came to Australia from war-torn Sudan in 2003, has worked in the film industry for over eight years, completing her Bachelor of Film Production in 2012.
In 2013, Isha launched Canary Films.
"I love being able to tell stories," she says.
Besides being behind the camera, Isha has also acted, and has appeared in East West 101 on SBS, and Crownies on the ABC.
"My desire to act will always be there, but I'm enjoying this stage of my career behind the camera," she said.

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